Gia Trịnh

Cake flavors of the past!

Deep in the heart the old Hanoian still linger the taste of sweet plum jam, the image of cool raddish cake and the sound of crunchy sesame ball – the 40s’ and 50s’ flavors. “…Those were the days, my friends! We thought they’d never end. We sing and dance, forever and a day. We’d live the life we choose. We’d fight and never lose…” Back to the good old days, the cake can create a story and bond the soul string among Hanoian in up and down, profoundly yet elegantly.

When the war ends, Vietnam has developed continously. Everyone has been entrained by the hast and excitement of “Doi moi” period. However, no matter how many times people have to eat fast food, the delicacy and beauty of our parents’ food in the yore are forever remembered and appreciated.

Let’s enjoy traditional cake and desserts of Gia Trinh bakery to appetize and feel the essence of Vietnamese cuisine!

Gia Trinh bakery

Gia Trinh cakes combines the old time flavors in traditional cakes with romance of seasonal desserts and modern technique for Western ones. Moreover, the selective natural ingredients and food safety are the two main principles strictly ensured during the production, preservation and selling.

For us, delicious cakes and desserts can not only help  strengthen people’s health but also convey the happiness to couples as well as satisfaction to appetizers.

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