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Gia Trịnh Bakery

The Gia Trinh Bakery specializes in providing handmade heirloom cakes of with ancient recipes from Hanoi with sweet flavors and attractive colors made from natural ingredients.

Our company emphasizes strong nutrition, kindness, conservation, and innovation when constructing human resources, operations, and products. “Slowly but surely” is a core motto here to ensure sustainable and long-term development always guides the decisions of the Company's Board of Directors and employees. This motto also represents the bakery's commitment to quality and care involved in all business processes. Each Gia Trinh employee is a unique individual who is sincere, proactive, and in control of his or her work. Our employees are disciplined, compliant, creative, and progressive. These traits guide our talented employees when making important contributions to the overall development of the company.

To ensure quality, the Company focuses on preserving and developing folk herbal ingredients that are healthy with fresh cake production methods imbeded within Vietnamese culture. In turn we can provide the community with nutritious and delicious products. The Gia Trinh Bakery offers their quintessential culinary service's at affordable costs which are suitable for the majority of people in urban areas

Gia Trinh Cake is the combines the traditional flavors in cakes, the romance of wedding cakes, and advanced technology in European cakes to create a unique culinary experience. In addition, food quality, safety, and hygiene are always guaranteed throughout the production process. Product distribution is always in accordinance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Another focal point of Gia Trinh is the natural baking ingredients harvested from grass, trees, flowers, and leaves with absolutely no additives or preservatives.

Come enjoy Gia Trinh Bakery's traditional ethnic cake products to feel the beauty of traditional Vietnamese culinary culture!

🏡 Facility 1 location: 16A Ly Nam De dormitory area (opposite 49 Ly Nam De street) - Hoan Kiem District

☎️ Hotline - 094 262 7697 / 0243 747 4548

🏡 Facility 2 location: 1st Floor - Building HH08.1 - Constrexim 1 Thai Ha Urban Area - Street 23, Giao Luu City - Bac Tu Liem

☎️ Hotline - 086 2250 669 / 0247 304 4868

🏡 Facility 3 location: Bai Village - Yen Bai Commune - Ba Vi - Hanoi

☎️ Hotline: 032.7472688