Gia Trịnh - Bánh của hương vị xưa

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Foreign guests have a special affection for Gia Trinh

In the small alley of 16A Ly Nam De, there's a place cherished by foreigners - that's Gia Trinh. Whenever mentioned, one can't help but think of the aromatic taste of traditional cakes and the precious memories wrapped within each piece. But what's special isn't just the cakes, it's also the fragments of memories, snippets of love stories, and the enduring bonds between foreign friends and beloved Hanoi. It's no surprise that every time they return, they choose Gia Trinh as their first stop.

Gia Trinh warmly welcomes guests from all over the world, from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, to farther ones like South Korea, Japan, or from Europe: England, France... There are long-time friends who, whenever they revisit Hanoi, never fail to visit Gia Trinh to indulge in our traditional cakes, the unforgettable fried cakes we offer. There was a Malaysian family who initially bought just 1-2 cakes to taste, and they exclaimed in Vietnamese "Oh, it's so delicious!" Then the lovely Malaysian family decided to purchase long-lasting products at Gia Trinh, such as Baked Rice Cake and Sticky Rice Cake, as gifts for their relatives in Ho Chi Minh City.

Just last week, we were overwhelmed with emotion when we welcomed a guest from Amsterdam who has been connected with Gia Trinh for 10 years. Every time they set foot in Hanoi, they always set aside special time to come shopping at Gia Trinh. And there are many more interesting stories.

❤️Take some time to visit our shop when you have the chance to visit Hanoi, because at Gia Trinh, you'll not only savor the rich traditional flavors but also feel the warmth and closeness of the Vietnamese people. It's not just a cake shop, it's also a corner of memories, where stories are retold, smiles and joys are shared, an indispensable part of your journey to explore the culture and love of Hanoi.🇻🇳